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Lofoson Electric Automatic Heavy Duty Pencil Sharpener

The Lofoson Electric Pencil Sharpener will keep you from having a dull sharp pencil to write or draw with! This is a battery powered device, which you can take any place, no cords required and it'll sharpen for you as long as there are batteries inserted. No need to crank or twist anything to sharpen the pencil. The device allows you to stick in any color pencil or regular pencil and it does the work of shredding at the pencil, giving you a smooth sharp point every time!
The size is perfect for any bag or to carry by hand. It's portable and weighs barely anything. If you are into art, drawing, or even writing then this is something to invest into! It's not expensive but supplies enough energy to give you an even sharp point every time. Plus, the shreds are safely dropped in the clear section that you can remove over a trash can and not have to worry about any mess. Also, the room is large enough so you don't need to empty the device as often.
I also love the design, black with a rounded off look, instead of being totally rectangular. Plus it evenly sits on any desk or any flat surface, sturdy and allows you to sharpen as many pencils as you'd like! Finally, for school, work, or just for fun, this is something that will give you a sharper pencil faster and less of the mess!
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Product Information:
  • OUTSTANDING BLADE MATERIAL: Lofoson electric pencil sharpener comes with alloyed steel blade made of Japan originated material, which supports over 1000 times of pencil sharpening. This is twice durable than the 500 times using of the ordinary ones to serve you in a long term.
  • STRENGTHENED SECURITY DESIGN: When the dust case is filled and you need to open it to clean your pencil sharpener, you can be completely relieved. The protection mode restricts the blade rotating and keeps you away from being cut.
  • BATTERY OPERATED: For your customers' convenience, Lofoson electric pencil sharpener is designed to work based on battery power. You are allowed to change new batteries anytime you need. The Battery slot can be open in the bottom and 4 AA batteries are required to drive it.
  • PERFECT SHARP POINT: The helical steel blade inside the sharpener gives a smooth and proper point each time you sharpen a pencil. Our sharpener is aimed at offering a quick and automatic experience of pencil sharpening as you like.
  • DURABLE CASE: Being made of ABS plastic, Lofoson pencil sharpener performs quite well in both quality and appearance. The elegant black and classic shape bring visual enjoyment. In the same time, It is going to last long.
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