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FLY5D 40Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools

There is nothing better than having a great car to get you from destination A to destination B. However, the problems that may come along is tiny damages such as dents. It may seem like there isn't a solution, but there is! Here is a kit that is making these dents in your car vanish. The FLY5D 40Pcs Auto Body Paintless Dent Removal Tools is a perfect arrangement of tools that will pull out the dent, leaving you without any damage or noticeable marks.
Instead of paying for this easy removal, you can do it at home. However, you need the right tools! This set is just like a professional kit that includes all the tools you need to get a dent out no matter how deep or small.  You will have a hammer, glue gun and sticks, dent lifters, and so much more! The amount is about 40pcs total and of course the directions to help navigate you through each piece and when to use them.
What I love about this set is that it's complete and they even have a larger one. However, this is just perfect for common dents which do occur after awhile. There is no car type that this set can be used on. Instead, it's perfect for all types of vehicles and could save you so much! Finally, if you are looking for a way to keep your vehicles and even a washer machine or refrigerator looking new or dent free, then check out this kit by FLY5D and possibly save some cash along the way!
Product Information:
  • Widely Use,This PDR Tool also suitable for the sheet metal processing of automobile, refrigerator, Motorcycle Body and washing machine
  • Silver Slide Hammer perfect for the big dent will more powerful for paintless dent remove;mini T-bar for the small dents,easy to control.
  • Black dent glue lifter,one screw on the top to adjust the middle height of the dent lifter,Aluminum body,Padded Feet Add Support For Maximum Pulling Power
  • Rubber hammer combined with the Yellow Tap down perfect for tapping high points and crowns
  • Bridge puller unique arched bridge design with 60W car charger Glue sticks and glue puller tabs,are perfect for door ding dent damage remove
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