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D&R Beauty Barber Hair Cutting & Thinning Scissors

Today, I had a chance to try a wonderful product from a fabulous company known as D and R Beauty. This company supplies you with so many wonderful gadgets and beauty items for us women! Their supplies are perfect for keeping our appearances in shape and make us feel just gorgeous and confident! So they were kind enough to allow me to try this wonderful set of Barber Hair Cutting and Thinning Scissors. Since I love to trim and cut my own hair and it's always good to have a real good set of scissors on hand to do so!
The Barber Hair Cutting and Thinning Scissors are a perfect length and sharp enough to cut hair instantly, without causing any damage. These can be considered a professional pair of scissors as they are meant for hair cutting and if you look at the design, which is what really counts when you're cutting hair, you'd notice the tools are of right shape and style. The angle is shaped just right, allowing for an easier cut and less wrist movement. As one who has to hold a pair in one hand while combing like a professional, it's best to have the perfect pair of scissors that are designed with you in mind, such as these!
The blue color that goes around the loops for your fingers is very eye catching and adds some support and comfort. They are like little rubber silicone bands that allow for a better handle and less pain from the steel, When you look at the length, you'll notice how it's about as long from the middle finger and end of the palm, which is a perfect length. The blades can cut a few strands at a time and allows you to finish faster. 
A bonus with this set is the black case to store these beauties away in! You get one with the set and it's perfect for traveling or keeping them organized and stashed away till the next trim or cut!
Finally, these are a gorgeous pair of scissors and so worth the price!
Product Information:
  • For both professional barber use or DIY home use
  • 6" Salon Barber Hair Cutting and Thinning Scissors
  • Shears Hairdressing Set with Case
  • Salon Equipment Tools
  • 6 Inch Hair Scissors
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