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Window Cleaning Robot

The Window Cleaning Robot is nothing I ever knew existed till I had a chance to try one! The product is very well designed to clean smooth surfaces such as walls, glass, and floors. Just like the vacuum type robots, this version is a non-rug type and almost like a duster or mop. The thing about this is that it's useful to clean windows, walls and if you do have those bathrooms or kitchens without a rug, even the living room you can enjoy this too!
First, I'd like to point out the design, which is very much like a number 8 in some ways or a large hand brush, with two cleaning microfiber like clothes on each end. The buttons to begin and power on the device is on top. You have very much an easy way to turn this robot on and when it comes to turning off, it's just as simple with the power button, nice and large. The device itself is easily recharged with the cord included and you can control it by the app for the phone, either an iOS type or Android. So you can easily control the robot with the phone too! It's definitely a great cleaning device for the techy type person. Plus, who doesn't love to be lazy and have someone clean the house for you, something I would enjoy especially for a large home! You pretty much have everything included with this device, but you can get extras alternative accessories when needed. However, it's all ready to go once it arrives, just remember to charge it up fully first.

Finally, I never thought about a Window and Wall Cleaning Robot, but it really does stick to the wall and window. The bottom of this robot has like a strong cleaning feature that when it's in action it will remove all dirt, dust and anything else on the wall with ease. You just sit back and relax as this robot goes to town! The cleaning cloth that is located on the bottom is easily replaced after use. There is 12 included with this package.
YouTube Review:
  • Cleaning speed: 2min 
  • Cleaning mode: 3 kinds
  • Size: 29*14.2*11.5cm
  • Voltage: 100-240VAC/ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Detect Window frame: AUTO
  • Anti-falling control: UPS electrical 
  • storage device safety rope
  • Adsorption mode: Vacuum absorption
  • Control Mode:Mobile App/Touch-on/Remote control
  • Alternative accessories: Cleaning cloth, extension cable, washer fluid, cleaning rings
  • App system: Ios & Android
  • Including:
  • Remote control*1 
  • Cleaning cloth*12 
  • Safety rope*1 
  • Safety hook*1 
  • Instruction book*1 
  • Adapter*1
  • Cleaning ring*2
Product Information:
  • Under the drive of microcomputer, can clean bathroom glass, smooth wall, end table, etc. It will surprise you with good cleaning effect.
  • Cleaning cloth can be replaced, free for 12pcs cleaning cloth, Strong absorption, and super absorbent cleaning cloth can clean oil, sand, dirt and dust, etc.
  • Natural fiber fabrics can be repeated used more than 180 times.
  • Microcomputer Control, Comprehensive cleaning, automatically complete, worry-free cleaning.
  • Window Glass Cleaning Robot Change your world brightly.
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