Sep 23, 2016

TaoTronics Garment Steamer

I am a huge fan of steam! It's great as a healthy way to cook, it's a perfect way to kill germs and remove nasty odors, and finally when it comes to clothing it just makes those wrinkles go bye bye!
Excellent handle to hold on too and long enough cord to reach a distance from any outlet.
The product, Handheld Fabric Steamer by TaoTronics is a wonderful portable steam iron. It has a slim slot style opening on top for the steam to come out. Just imagine how blow dryers have a shaped desgned and additional pieces to focus the air in certain areas, well the design is made to allow the steam to focus to come out in a stream, verse a large puff. 
Fill to the max line and not any more, since it boils it will be a mess if you over fill.
Just imagine it like a electric tea kettle, fill only to the recommend line.
Steam is shot from the holes and the brush aids in brushing the fabric straight
It's a super simple product to use! No one will have difficulty with the simple steps of filling with water, plugging in and turning on. Plus, the water begins boiling quick and steam is ready instantly. So you can do a quick removal of wrinkles before heading out the door! However, if you are on top of wrinkles and love to remove them after washing clothing, then go right ahead this will do it for you and easily get rid of any smells or orders, thanks to the power of steam!
The brush can be placed on the steamer or kept off.
The other features I should point out is the nice and comfortable handle, which is held while steaming out those wrinkles. It's shaped for the fingers and hand to easily hold on and not slip out. There is a brush, which many don't include on top that will assist you while steaming and also with the design, which many are a bit different, the style allows you to easily steam without tipping your hand on an angle to get the steam aimed at the wrinkle. Finally, this is a terrific steamer, the easy way to get wrinkles, odors out of all fabrics, and comes with additional goodies, travel or storing bag and an ironing glove that protects the hands from the heat. 
Heat Protection Glove and Black Bag
Product Information:
  • ENORMOUS 200ml CAPACITY: Spend less time filling the tank and get the ironing done even faster with the vast 200ml capacity that provides up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted steaming.
  • FULL OF GOODIES FOR EASY IRONING: Benefit from a protective glove, a travel pouch to store and go, and a brush that's resistant to high temperatures for a smoother ironing experience.
  • UNLIMITED VERSATILITY: Safely iron all your clothes without fearing of ruining the fabric with an advanced steamer that's delicate on all types of fibers.
  • EASY ONE-BUTTON OPERATION: Ironing is easier than ever thanks to steam that heats up in just 120 seconds and features a foolproof one-button design for extra ease of use.
  • BUILT-IN SAFEGUARDS: Enjoy extra safety while ironing with an ETL-certified fabric steamer that features both overheating and low water built-in safeguards.
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