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Symcode Mini Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

The Symcode Mini Portable Wireless Laser Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is a terrific device for scanning UPC codes. It is so easy to use this and travel a distance around the room or to scan a code from an unreachable or difficult angle. You basically can use it where ever you need too. The device is small and lightweight and requires no cord to use. Instead, the Bluetooth capability which is inside the device allows you to connect to any compatible Smartphone or PC device. It does include a small USB reciever. This actually is uesd to connect in the computer's USB port and allow the information about the device to be installed on that computer so you can use it.
Inside the box you will get with the device's  manual, which really is filled with specific codes. These are important since many may want to have a bit of control on the device. The codes will give you that type of control when it comes to the modes, languages, and other specific features you'd like the scanner to perform. Plus, like every manual or direction booklets, you will learn how to set the scanner up with the phone or computer. It's very short and shouldn't take you long as the there is only 5-6 easy steps to follow. 
You will also be able to use this scanner on some older computers like Windows XP and 7, which these have different directions. Of course, this will work for Windows 8 and 10 too! Just follow along and it's a piece of cake to get started. 
I find the size comfortable and so easy it is to handle in one hand! The sound is loud and gives you that satisfaction that you scanned something or turned the device on. Plus, you get about 50m distance to scan the code. You can even find these to be great to search for that similar product online that you want to scan. For example, I want to search for a lotion I found online. SO scan the UPC code and voila, the item code will be put into the search bar of the site ( make sure the pointer was placed there first) and you search to see if it's in stock. It is very handy and can be used for many other reasons as well!
Finally, the Symcode Mini Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is great! It can help you upload the UPC codes scanned to a computer or smartphone. It's just so easy to use for a small or large business or personal searches and organizing a collection. No matter how you use it or what for, the quality you get from Symcode is excellent as many of their products they provide!
Product Information:
  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Dimension & Weight: 100*21*46mm;150g
  • Speed: 200 scan/sec
  • Battery: 3.7V 1000mA Li-ion
  • Package including: 1*barcode scanner+1*User manual+1* Changer cable+1*Bluetooth 4.0 receiver
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