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StarryBay Bluetooth Smart Watch

The Smart Watch by StarryBay is such an excellent piece of technology! I love the beautiful black color and it's easy to view the monitor. It also has a very nice square shaped design and not too small of images, so I can tell everything that comes up on the screen. It's perfect for anyone interested in an affordable watch and requires not too much knowledge to get it started. Plus, with the adjustable wrist strap, anyone can slip it on with comfort and ease.
I love that the features most of all! There is BlueTooth to connect with the smartphone, so connecting with the phone book or any calls that may need to be answered can also be retrieved and accessed from the watch.  However, I've only really tried it with my Android phone so I don't know the features if they work the same with the iPhone. Though so far the android phone work fine with the device. Now, the two best features I found useful is the music player feature, I can actually listen to my music from my phone through this device. It's easier than carrying my phone by me when I'm across the room. Plus, the second one is that I love to use the camera on my phone, but to place it at a distance and take a photo of my family and I or others, I can easily control the snap when I am ready to take it. No need to hold the phone and this can work on a selfie stick as well!
Inexpensive, which is great on any budget and provides the ability to contact others, act as a remote to control the camera on the smartphone, act as an organizer and can be a health monitor. It's got so much packed into a small watch, and great for beginners with no complicated or not so useful features that many don't really need. Finally, I really love and use this often, it's portable and on my wrist all day. Lastly, all I can say is that this is an excellent smart watch! 
Product Information:
  • Capacitive full-color display- Three stylish watch faces and an adjustable band perfectly paired with 1.54-inch smooth touch screen.
  • Easy to use- Support handsfree calls /Answer or Dial calls from your wrist for Android/iOS. No need to take your phone out of your pocket anymore.
  • Bluetooth mode- For Android smartphones, it supports anti-lost, phone book, Fundo (sports app), remote camera and notification push including email,calls,texts,etc. For iPhone, it only supports music player, handsfree/making calls through Bluetooth connection.
  • Available functions- Sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, remote camera,music player, calendar, calculator, alarm, and video recorder are waiting for you to discover and experience.
  • Universal apply- Compatible with most current smartphones, Android version 4.2 higher, iOS 7.0 higher. But please note: For iPhone,it only supports partial functions including Pedometer, Calendar, Call Sync, Calculator, Clock, Stopwatch, Music player, Handsfree, etc.

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