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Sewn Bags by GMC Editor

There is nothing more than having something homemade. Especially a fashionable accessory like a bag. So when I came upon the book, Sewn Bags by GMC Editors I knew I was excited to read it and get started! There are so many you could create, each a different design and style. Some are so unique and with the fabric colors, which it's all up to the individual to choose what they like. Plus, no matter the choice or design, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and get many who will love the bag you have and possibly ask where they can get one.

However, with the creative bags you can make inside, no one will ever have this bag or any of them only if they own this book and created them as well. Though what really is cool about this book is that all the bags you make is by yourself, homemade and that means more love and time spent to make the perfect bag than buying one at the market. It's just a wonderful feeling, and how easy these bags are to make that anyone can enjoy making something for the first time and not feel discouraged or worried they won't be able too! 
I honestly think of this book as a great gift idea or just for your shopping needs, either way, it'll be used! I like the simple to follow step by step directions, with realistic photo guidance.They don't seem extremely difficult to do, even if you're a beginner starting out. However, the patterns are all shown and inside for each, 20 bags you can create. I do have a favorite, but each is very nice. Though, The knot bags design is pretty neat! It's like a one handle bag that is not too hard to create and very fashionable in the unusual shape and style!

 I definitely need to create some for my friends and family, as we all love to shop from grocery stores to regular retail shops, this would make for an excellent accessory to have. Finally, this is an excellent book, so many designs and styles to create, a total of 20. Each is so fashionable and stylish with simple to understand directions.
Information About The Author:
Guild of Master Craftsman (GMC) Publications publishes books which are valued by professional craftsmen and women and enjoyed by keen amateurs alike. Our diverse range of titles covers woodworking, DIY, gardening and all manner of craft subjects, from knitting and sewing to jewellery making, doll’s house, upholstery, paper crafts and more. Our authors are experts in their fields and we take care to produce books that are hardworking and practical, as well as beautiful to look at. From guides and how-to books for beginners to technique-packed, project-based titles, we have something for everyone – no matter what your skill or hobby.

Book Information:
  • Publishing: Autumn 16
  • Pub month: September
  • ISBN-13: 9781784941710
  • Author: GMC Editors
  • Binding: PB
  • No. of pages: 120
  • Photos: Includes 120 photographs
  • Dimensions: 275 x 215 mm
  • Colour : Full color throughout
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GMC Books - Sewn Bags: Stylish Bags for Every Occasion by GMC Editor

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