Thursday, September 22, 2016

Poweradd Carmate Pro Car Jump Starter

The Poweradd Carmate Pro Car Jump Starter is a perfect way to charge the car when it's in need of a jump! The small device is powered to charge a vehicle and doesn't weigh so much or take up too much space in the car. You can easily carry it in the glove compartment or in the back trunk. No matter the location, it is perfect to have while you travel, when you never know anything could happen. 
Also, this version is able to be your external power charger as well! It is able to charge the phones and tablets in the car or even the house. Just imagine being stuck and not able to contact anyone because the phone's battery is dead. Well, now you can charge it fast and stay in contact with others. It's a great product and so portable. Also, imagine it's going to be dark and hard to see anything, this Poweradd Carmate Pro Car Jump Starter also includes a strong flashlight, which is perfect for times you need a better view, night or day. 
Finally, I love the design, durable and sturdy with so many useful features! It's always good to have a jumper, why not have one that can fit in the car and be used anywhere. It doesn't take up so much space and is easy to use.

Product Information:

  • Latest Advanced Version: Jump start your car(up to 6L gas or 2.5L diesel engine) with 500 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables.
  • Comprehensive protection: Reverse Polarity Protection, Surge Protection, Inverse Current Protection, Charge Overload Protection, Short Circuit Prevention, High Temperature Protection.
  • Unique Low Temperature Start Function: POWERADD Carmate Pro can start your car engine easily even at -4℉ (-20℃). Besides, Carmate Pro can be stored safely in 176℉ (80℃) environment for up to 8 hours and works well as usual.
  • Ultra Compact: Slim and lightweight, 5.4*2.7*1 inch, small enough to store in your glovebox and pack in your bag, with 6000mah capacity, charge phones, tablets and other devices at speeds of up to 2 amps. Recharges in just 4-5 hours using the wall charger or car charger.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: 24-MONTH limited warranty and 24*7 easy-to-reach customer service.

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