Sep 10, 2016

Medaa Padlock

Back to school, and what would be great to have is a lock that can protect your valuables safely!
The Medaa Padlock is a 2 set and allows you to create your own locking combo! So forget the already set up design, you actually can put in a combination that would be easy for you to remember or as hard as you want it to be. The lock uses 4 digits to lock and unlock, dial design. The two you get are both in the color black, with a nice grooved, non-slip style exterior surface. That nonslip allows you to grab hold while putting your numbers in order.
The small lock can be good for more than just school, possibly at home a closet, a door, homemade treasure box and pretty much anything that can accept and require a lock. Since protection is something everyone wants, and if you're at a place that isn't safe or has many of people, you'd really want to keep it locked, such as a locker or even at a hospital. I know from experience, when you go to a hospital and they give you a small locker to place your jewelry before an operation or for any reason, there is no lock or way to make sure no one is going to snatch your possessions or even school. Therefore, having a durable lock with an easy code to remember is pretty awesome! Plus, it's a two pack and a small price to pay. Therefore, double the protection, great for students and anyone who likes a little more protection by locking away their favorite possessions.
Product Information:
  • Padlock for School, Employee, Gym and Sports Locker, Case, Toolbox, Fence, Hasp Cabinet and Storage
  • Sturdy lock with high-quality dial, Set-your-own combination convenience and discourages the thief to crack the code
  • Numbers are easy to read, maneuver and set to your own preferred combination
  • Resettable to allow for a personalized combination
  • We offer lifetime warranty
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