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Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan

The book, Making Vintage Bags by Emma Brennan is packed with unique style bags that are so different than I have ever seen! However, it's unique in a good way!  The styles are different, some with a little similarity to the styles we get any fashion boutique, retail shop, or anyplace. The styles are inspired from the 1920s to the 1950s, which is pretty interesting and each technique and pattern are explained inside the book. So the projects aren't hard to understand or won't leave you out of information that you need to know to create the design and put it together.

You will have fun creating some of these and owning a piece of art that you created and can use, different from anybody around you with their everyday purses and handbags. I really love one at the moment because it's unique and different. The bag is known as the Doris Bag. It's shown with a floral fabric and what made me so interested to create is the handle. It's like a single handle that has a knot on top tieing the pieces to form that loop. I don't know, but it really caught my eye. Maybe it's the floral bag itself, but it does also remind me of a springtime day walking through the countryside or going down south.
Finally, this book is an excellent bag book! Every vintage design and such fun creative styles that may stand out from others! I'm sure I'll be creating some of these soon and definitely first will be the Doris Bag!
Information About The Author:
During the past 20 year Emma Brennan has run a small business designing vintage-inspired fashions, accessories and costume jewelry. She now sells a wide range of jewelry and handbags through exclusive boutiques and galleries, and under her label, Charlie's Aunt, on her website She is a qualified further education tutor and has taught courses in handbag, accessory and jewelry design. Emma has also staged fashion shows and given lectures on the historical influences of her designs. Her books for GMC Publications include Making Vintage Accessories and Making Vintage Jewelry.

Book Information:

  • Publishing: Autumn 16
  • Pub month: September
  • ISBN-13: 9781784941697
  • Author: Emma Brennan
  • Binding: Booklet
  • Photos: Includes 160 photographs
  • Dimensions: 275 x 215 mm
  • Colour : Full color throughout

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