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LotFancy Storage Case and 8 PCS Fishing Lures

The LotFancy Storage Case with 8 Fishing Lures can be a perfect gift or awesome purchase for those who enjoy fishing! It's basically a set of 8 beautiful lures, each having their very own section inside the clear viewing case. These hooks are designed to look like fish, with such color and beauty in the art and design! The case, on the other hand, is clear for you to know where each hook or lure may be placed inside. Plus, a little loop flap on top, which can allow you to hang the box if you'd like.
The lures could be perfect for catching large fish or smaller depending on the ones you use, which there are many  inside to choose. Some do have the two hooks, perfect for large mouthes. Also, if you happen to lose a lure or few, which does occur when the fish snaps the line, it get stuck in some trees or anything in the water, or it may just not be put on tight enough well you now can use the box to store even more fishing accessories or even more lures if you'd like! It can be used in so many different useful ways, even for storing craft supplies! Finally, this is a nice kit, very portable and nicely designed!
Product Information:
  • LotFancy Storage Case and 8 PCS Fishing Lures Spinner Baits Crankbait Assorted Fish Tackle Hooks (Storage Case + 8 PCS Fishing Lures)
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