Tuesday, September 6, 2016

LotFancy Digital Sound Pressure Level Meter

The LotFancy Digital Sound Pressure Level Meter is a special microphone topped device that listens to sound in any direction. You can use this to test the vibrations, frequencies, and other interesting or even strange noises that are occurring in a home or outdoors. This meter has a very good accuracy and ranges from 30 to 130dBA. I really am new to one of these devices so I have very little knowledge, but I do like that you can possibly test any sound, not just from outdoors like wind measurement, which can be handy for golfers and other sports/hobbies, but ones around the house. Catch the rattling sound that is occurring by the door or in the hall. It really does a great job measuring the noise through the microphone. 
Also, the screen is large on the device, allowing you to easily view each result! Plus, the batteries are included, so no worries to buy any once it arrives. The entire thing is portable and can be held in one hand comfortably! If you are interested in measuring sound, you should check out this excellent device for an inexpensive price!
Product Information:

  • Measuring Range: 30-130dBA ; +/-1.5dB Accuracy with 0.1dBA Resolution;
  • Accuracy +/-1.5dB, resolution 0.1dB , hold data function
  • Frequency Response: 31.5Hz-8.5KHz, Max and Min sound level tracking
  • Large LCD Display, 3 x AAA batteries included
  • 1-Year Warranty: Money-back satisfaction guarantee

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