Sep 8, 2016

Girls Can Do Anything by Caitlin Doyle and Chuck Gonzales

The book, Girls Can Do Anything by Caitlin Doyle is a wonderful look through all different times a woman actually did something amazing. I mean we all know most of them through history, from either school, on television or in books. However, many that we never knew about or that don't seem as popular to the creative or action they played in history can be found in this book! It's like an encyclopedia of women who did amazing things. The order is not really in alphabetical order, so don't think the names will be in order, but instead, the book is categorized by what each specific accomplishment these women did such as art and literature, science and innovation, politics and world-building and so much more! If you do get lost, in the front of each category or section will be the page number with the woman it is going to talk about. 

I think anyone, children or adults would love to take a look at this type of book. It might inspire any girl to be creative or take up something and achieve it, like the women in this book.
I found it to be a pleasant read and very informative. Each lady inside has a page or two of their accomplishments and bits of personal information about the woman being explained on that page.
You really can learn much more about the women through history in this book. Plus, it's quite nicely illustrated with some real photos and of well-known women and some that are known as much.
Finally, I would highly recommend this book to get an idea about how women can accomplish everything they put their minds too! It's really inspiring and an awesome book!

Information About The Author:
Caitlin Doyle is an author, editor, and creative writing teacher with a graduate degree in women's studies. She has written and edited a number of books for adults and teens.

Chuck Gonzales' artwork has been published around the world, including in publications such as the New York Times and Cosmopolitan. His previous books include the Worst Case Scenario Junior series.

Book Information:
  • Publisher: Firefly Books
  • Author Statement: Caitlin Doyle ; Illustrated by Chuck Gonzales
  • Audience: Trade
  • Age range lower: 12
  • Age range upper: 18
  • Specs: full color throughout, bibliography, glossary, index
  • Pages: 320
  • Trim Size: 6" X 7 1/2" X 1"
  • Language code 1: eng
  • Publication Date: 20161001
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Firefly Books- Girls Can Do Anything: From Sports to Innovation, Art to Politics, Meet Over 200 Women Who Got There First by Caitlin Doyle and Illustrator Chuck Gonzales

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