Friday, September 2, 2016

Fyoung Ultra Portable Scanner

The Fyoung Ultra Portable Scanner is a lightweight handheld scanner sold by Shenzhen XunXi Electronics. They have so many wonderful products in stock! Their items provide you with easy use and can be useful for all sorts of needs! Plus, each of them is simple for anyone to use! However, I was able to review a new product that they have in stock, the portable scanner. It's practically a handheld scanner that can go over any object like fabric, receipts, cards, books, and a bunch of material. The bonus that comes with this terrific device is that  you get a well-needed SD card also known as the memory card, which many others wouldn't include. You will need this to keep the files saved while zooming through each scanned object. Plus, it fits into the computer for uploading. The size that you do get with the device is a nice 16GB memory card.
Now for the design, the hand scanner is a long ruler like shape. It's not super huge, stores away easily in the drawstring bag that's included, which makes this extremely portable. There is the option to buy the device in a different color like black, blue, or red. However, each has the same buttons and functions no matter the choice of color. There is also a USB cord included, which is used to transfer saved scans and charge the device. So you basically can use this once it has arrived to your door!
For the buttons, there are just a few. The top has a silver button for scanning and also it's the power on button, below that is a monitor that will show you what options and function you are performing, and the last two will be the DPI of the photo and if you'd want to have it in either JPG or PDF format. So it's just three buttons with a few different functional abilities once pressed. Plus, there will be a few light up areas to notify you if the product is ready to scan or if any type of an error had occurred. Also, for the USB, formatting, and SD card slot you can find these located on the side of the device. Each of the buttons on the device, the lighted up areas, and insert sections are all in reach and don't interfere with the bottom, which you use to scan the product or object of choice.
Finally, this is such an excellent scanner! It's great for so many things business, home, school, hobbies, and so much more! The quality is excellent and the design is easy on the hands, especially with the wand style and comforting grip on the handle side. I would highly recommend this type of scanner for an easy, fast way to scan multiple papers, pages, or other types of materials and items you need to scan!
Product Information:
  • PRACTICAL - It will be especially handy for your work. You can scan the materials into the scanner's SD card in all the places and do not need to carry many paper materials everywhere.
  • HIGH RESOLUTION - Scan documents, recipes, receipts, photos, letters, business cards, the articles in newspaper or magazine, handwritten notes and any reading materials with up to 900 DPI resolution.(Standard Resolution: 300x300dpi (default); 600x600dpi; 900x900dpi)
  • TWO FORMAT CHOICES - You can share your scans and information via searchable PDF files or JPG.
  • LARGE MEMORY - Support 32G of memory and up to 200 pages A4 document or image storage.
  • CONVENIENT - With lightweight (5.2 oz/0.32 lb) and portable features, you can put it in the travelling bag and take it to everywhere as you like or on your desk, which only needs a little space. Then say bye-bye to the bulky scanning machine.
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