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ERollDeep Yoga Wheel

The ERollDeep Yoga Wheel is a well designed, product to help you reach those poses that need a little more support. The wheel is a simple round style wheel with no inner section. It's almost like the outer part of a wheel, with a material that is strong and durable to comfortably hold you in any pose while not breaking or becoming flat. So you can use the entire body on the wheel and not deflate or destroy it.
The color is very nice and eye catching, but what really stands out is the way it can keep shape no matter the pressure placed upon it while doing all sorts of poses and stretches. When I began using this Yoga Wheel, I found myself able to do much more stretches and hold them longer. Plus, I have better balance and comfort since it is strong. Additionally, this is such a fun accessory to use! I think for anyone interested or who already loves to do yoga, this would be a wonderful gift to own! It's super easy to use and such a supportive product to help you along the way. Also, it feels great to use on the back and stretch the spine!
Product Information:
  • MELT AWAY STRESS and TENSION - Roll out and unwind with Kurma's Professional Yoga Wheel! This Yoga Wheel is the highest quality yoga wheel available! Feel AMAZING as your tension melts away effortlessly while draped over this amazing yoga prop!
  • LUXURIOUS COMFORTABLE PADDING - Extra thick outside padding cushions the spine luxuriously. Durable and beautiful surface texture pattern forms to spine softly.
  • BEGINNER to ADVANCED BALANCE & STRENGTHEN POSE GUIDE - Not sure how to use it?! Not to worry, Kurma's wheel guide offers over 20 ways to use your wheel! Tone muscle, improve flexibility & get fit! The 2-page colorful guide is included free with uses for  beginners to advanced yogis!
  • EXTRA STRONG, STURDY, and DURABLE - Go ahead, stand on it! This wheel has a 500lb+ breaking strength! Get the unmatched strength and safety of Kurma's Yoga Wheel. Sturdy, yet lightweight, and made to LAST!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are sure you will LOVE this yoga wheel! Kurma's Yoga Wheel comes with a Lifetime Warranty and 60 Day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Add to your cart now!

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