Thursday, September 15, 2016

ERollDeep Fishing Pliers

The ERollDeep Aluminum and Stainless Steel Scissors Fishing Pliers are designed to be comfortable in the hand, due to the grooved shape. The plier side is narrow and slim, which works to get those small hooks or use on the line undone. It's very easy to handle and extremely comfortable go open and close. It makes removing any hook quick and easier than without! Plus, no fear of the salt water as these won't get ruined or destroyed from the salt or water.
I love the blue color, the excellent handle that doesn't leave me in any type of pain from gripping and the slim and narrow plier nose. This can easily be used to remove hooks inside the jaws of a fish. Since it is tiny and narrow, these pliers really can be extremely useful For any fisherman or woman, this could be a great gift and my mom who loves to fish found them to easily remove those deep in hooks from a fish as well as it can cut lines that are knotted or tangled up.
Product Information:
  • Multi-function sharp fishing pliers for removing small hooks, gripping and cutting fishing lines or hooks and pressing lead quickly and safely;
  • The unique designed narrow serrated jaws reach deep into fish's mouth and grip tight for easier and faster hook extraction;
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, these pliers is saltwater safe.
  • The product features an ergonomic design construction of light weight but still utterly solid integrated all aluminum non-skid handles;
  • Feature precision sharpened tungsten carbide cutters,this handy tool is security and easy to use, easy to carry.

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