Monday, September 19, 2016

Draway LedSelfie Self-portrait Extendable Selfie Stick

The Draway LedSelfie Stick is an easier way to snap a shot of your friends and you, your location, or just yourself. It is a portable Bluetooth stick that includes a button to simply press and take a photo with your attached phone. Its setup is super simple with the cord connecting to the phone, while it sits in the selfie stick's holder. It isn't going to leave or cause damage to the phone, as it tightly holds the phone in place. Plus, with the LED lights on this 360-degree rotating piece, you can get a nice photo in any dark or hard to see the area. It's one of the newest additions that I've seen on a selfie stick and such a wonderful addition since it works great!
Mirror on back

Comfortable handle, and all the ports to charge and Bluetooth cord
for connection to the phone are all located on the right side

The phone is inserted between the pull out grippers 

Extends far

Power on the light and to snap a photo

Light on top, not turned on

Light is super bright on top, perfect for dark rooms and durin the night
The design is created to be comfortable for holding, shaped for the hand and can be easily pressed to take a photo with one hand. There is also a little mirror on the device.THis mirror allows you to take a photo on the opposite side, so you can get a good one every time. What really is awesome is that this extends out pretty far, but it easily shrinks and allows you to carry it around without being too heavy, large and difficult. Everything is simple to use with this stick and comes in a few other colors, like rose gold, silver, and gold as the one I have here. Finally, for a fun way to get a great picture, the Draway LedSelfie Stick is a wonderful idea!
Everythning is packed and portable inside the drawstring bag(included)
Product Information:
  • Top Quality: Exquisite workmanship environmental protection material
  • Popular Features: Bluetooth Selfie Stick with 360 Degree Led Fill Light and Rear Mirror(This feature allows you to see and adjust your gesture and pose when you want to take photo by your rear camera); Extendable and Foldable Monopod for iOS, Android Smartphones
  • Draway Brand Certified: Bluetooth Selfie Sticks for Smartphones
  • Multi-Functions: Built-in BLUETOOTH SHUTTER; with 270-degree ANGLE ROTATION( 270-degree adjustable head ensure you to find a best & wonderful angle when selfie photographing.); PERFECT ALL DAY SHOT
  • What you will get: 1 Selfie Stick; 1 Charging Cable and 1 piece of User Manual; Honest Service for you
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