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Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty by Simone McGrath

Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty by Simone McGrath is wonderful! I actually love all the benefits coconut oil can do for the outside and inside of the human body. It's like the magical ingredient for all health reasons. I found so many wonderful uses inside this book, more than what I had already known about. I feel this book opened my eyes to some wonderful ways to use coconut oil for skincare, haircare, nailcare, and even to help my digestive system!

My favorite part is that the book actually helps you make your own oil and how it's made.
You will even learn about the many different ways to use it and recipes to create as well!
It's really so wonderful and seems to be popular among so many, to use coconut oil every day.
What really makes this book great is that the information is on one oil, coconut nothing else. So it's a book dedicated to fill your mind with information on that oil nothing else. Plus, this info is going to help you learn how the oil will not only make the skin appear younger but make it so easy to achieve that healthy look and feel great inside and out every day! 

Now, I've actually been using it on my dry, flakey skin due to eczema and it always forms on my feet. So having a fast absorbing oil is great, leaving skin soft not greasy and hydrated. Plus, I still want to try to use coconut oil for an easier way to digest or help fix tooth issues like cavities with some oil pulling. It really is the miracle plant I am sure going to enjoy daily! 
Information About The Author:
Simone McGrath: Simone McGrath is the mother of two children whom she has healed of allergies and eczema through the use of healing nutritious foods. She has an extensive knowledge in health and nutrition and has always maintained that if you feed your body only nourishing, clean foods, you will feel vibrant, healthy, and happy, and you will live your best life! She specializes in all areas of health and has a special interest in the areas of detoxing, allergies, and digestive health. She is currently studying with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and lives in Sydney, Australia.

Book Information:

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (May 6, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1628737522
  • ISBN-13: 978-1628737523
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches

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Skyhorsepublishing - Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty Uses, Benefits, and Recipes for Weight Loss, Allergies, and Healthy Skin and Hair by Simone McGrath

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