Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Apalus LED Insect Trap, Smart Indoor Mosquito Traps

There is nothing like having a BBQ or enjoying the company of others, inside your house. However, the party stops when the bugs are attacking! I never enjoyed mosquitos, especially as they just bite you non-stop and it becomes uncomfortable to stay in that room or area of the house, such as the porch. Therefore, I was extremely excited to find such a non-toxic way to attract the bugs and keeps them from escaping.
Added bonus in box, Mosquito Repellent Bracelets.
The product, Apalus LED Insect Trap is something that really makes it easy to avoid the attack of those nasty mosquitos, moths, and actually many other bugs. It reminds me of a fan, pulling in the pests and holding them there till they end up dying. It's quite a neat gadget! All it is made up of is 4 LED bulbs that produce a UV type light which lures them into the device. Plus, many bugs can't resist light, they seem to fly to my TV's my light bulbs, and even my computer if all other lights are turned off. 
Therefore, these lights, LED make it easy to catch their attention and the device, fan style designed object holds them in and they end up on the bottom tray dead without adding toxic fumes or ingredients into the air.  Plus, clean up is a breeze! The bottom tray pulls out and you toss the dead bugs out and included is a brush. Also, when using this, there is no worries for the pets, friends and family members in the room. It's useful all the time, no matter how much it's used it'll catch and save you from the irritating bugs that attack. Plus, so easy to set up and use!
Product Information:
  • Lure, Catch, and Trap- 4 LED bulbs produce 360-400nm UV-A light extremely effective at luring mosquitoes, moths and other pests. Powerful vacuum suction fan draws pests into the trap basket at the bottom of the unit where they dehydrate and die.
  • Quiet, Odorless, Efficient - high-speed suction fan, provides continuous and uninterrupted noiseless operation.
  • 100% Safe, Non-poisonous, No Chemicals, 100% kids pets environmental friendly
  • Control night flying insect up to 650 sq.ft. ZERO maintenance necessary. Trap net detachable easy for cleaning

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