Sep 19, 2016

AmiClubWear Women Shoes

I always find certain items can be expensive! There is always going to be that lovely pair of shoes or a new dress, but the cost may be way over $100 dollars. Yikes, that is super high and sometimes buying like that every month or throughout the year can make paying for other things you might need a bit hard. However, if you love shoes, purses, jewelry, and any type of clothing that isn't already in your closet, then you might be just like me! I love something new once in awhile, and always want to buy a new outfit or something for any special occasion that arises.

However, the problem of the cost is still an issue. Therefore I decided to find something I wanted without spending too much! First off, I go to my favorite store online, It's the only shop that actually has items super cheap and they look super expensive. Plus, there are clothing that will appeal for any occasion. Though the trick I have is that I want to keep it under a hundred dollars. So the easy tip, check out the clearance section, as many stores have! It's normally the best place to shop for great deals on items that were normally expensive to buy.

Now what I wanted to treat myself was to shoes and all types! I figure why not! So many love bags, new jewelry, and I just love shoes! Therefore I found these three beauties at a great discount, since they were on clearance and normally priced near 35  or more a piece.
So first my eyes were drawn to the Pink Perforated Cut Out Side Buckle Open Toe Single Sole Chunky Heel Boots Faux Suede Shoe, which really is something that stands out on the legs and like is calling for attention! Plus, it's unique and still a color I love, pink! The straps and buckles are very nice detail for any special reason or just to be a bit dressy on any casual day. The pink is so light and goes well with many different colors, which doesn't always have to be black, white or even grey!
I love how they easily go on my long legs, giving them something more than just calves to look at. The heel is of perfect height and the size, well it's my size and fits excellently. They are a new fave and something I would wear because I just adore pink, and at a price of under 25 dollars it's a steal! 
Now the second pair from amiclubwear was a pair of Black Pointed Toe Single Sole Heel Booties Faux Suede . These are one of the cutest shoes in black! I know I'm not always interested in a pair of black shoes, but when it came to these, on clearance and how sexy they look, I knew I wanted to have them in my closet!  The feel of faux suede feels like the real thing. So soft and comfortable to wear, plus I love the height! The design gives it more than just a simple black shoe. I'm talking about the tassels and straps, which are tied in the back. The detailing is what makes these more attractive and such a great addition to any fancy outfit.
The price of these shoes is under 13 dollars, yup 13! No additional charges, it was a big discount from the normal $34.99. I should also mention, the reason I love AmiClubWear is that it's always have clothing and shoes and all other things at a great low starting price already before it goes to clearance, so it's easy to find something there and still be able to afford it, even if it isn't on clearance. 
The last one is a very nice discounted pair of shoes, the Pink Tribal Platform Pump High Heels Fabric is a unique pattern of tribal design. It's a high heel, in my opinion! However, height is something I crave when I look for a great pair of pumps! The size I went for a larger size as my feet don't do well at my normal for these heels. However, the up a size makes them the perfect pair of shoes when heading out to a party, walking through the mall or just spending time on the porch. It's a pair that fits any type of plain dress or jumpsuit. I can make the main attraction my shoes when I pair a simple dress or outfit with them.
The fit is comfortable and the style is lovely or shall I say fabulous!  However, the big winner of these is the excellent pricing! For 12.99, from the normal 34.99 It's an excellent addition to my shoe collection and a wonderful inexpensive purchase! So for a pair of pumps, AmiClubWear has it and much more!
Finally, I really love the finds and plan on buying more in the near future, since I spent even less than 100 for three pair I can afford to buy often if I'd like. The store is packed with so much items and it's got great deals all the time. I love the styles they supply and highly recommend their high quality items they provide!

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