Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1000 Ideas for Color Schemes by Jennifer Ott

The book, 1000 Ideas for Color Schemes by Jennifer Ott is a perfect way to focus on color and combine them with others inside the home, for a party, or pretty much anything! It's based on all types of things, which the colors just go well together. There is no real focus, so it's open to anything and can help you view ideas and inspiration on what would match for all different occasions or the life outside your door, like birds and bugs. 
My favorite thing about this is that it's just like full of inspiring ideas and not just home or household interior decorations. It's everything, especially clothing you'll be looking at. So maybe this isn't organized to help you choose a color for the walls or a new couch, I mean it does have some ideas, but really this is just an example of what you could do to match a color with another or a few others. That color inspiration could come from a peacock feather, the detailed colors in a runway dress, or the way to decorate a cupcake with colors that just work.
So if you are interested in the way colors just go together, need some inspiration to find out what works then I'd definitely  recommend checking this book out. It's packed with different ideas, realistic photos and is something anyone could use for Fashion Design, Interior Decorating, Architecture of realistic shapes and many other uses. Plus, as the title says it is packed with 1000 ideas and organized in major color groups so it's easy to find what color choice you'd like to read more about. Finally, this is a great book. I'm getting inspired to mix and match some wonderful colors together for accessories like handbags, scarves, and even floral arrangements for inside the home. It's just an excellent book of color!
Information About The Author:
Jennifer Ott is a San Francisco-based interior designer and architectural color specialist. Her work has been featured in many print and online publications including Consumer Reports Kitchen Design Guide, Food Network Magazine, Austin Home Magazine, Inspired Home Magazine, Dwell.com, and HGTV.com. She's also a regular contributor to Houzz.com. Learn more about Jennifer at jenottdesign.com.

Book Information:
  • Publisher: Firefly Books
  • Author Statement: Jennifer Ott
  • Audience: Trade
  • Specs: full color throughout, ribbon marker
  • Pages: 288
  • Trim Size: 7 3/4" X 9 3/4"
  • Language code 1: eng
  • Publication Date: 20161001
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Fireflybooks- 1000 Ideas for Color Schemes: The Ultimate Guide to Making Colors Work by Jennifer Ott

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