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YOSWAN Science Microscope Kit Educational Toy Lab Set

The YOSWAN Science Microscope Kit is an excellent teaching tool for the young ones and so much fun for adults as well! You really have here an actual working microscope that provides levels of 100x, 400x and even 1200x magnifyied. It's a great way to take a look at something small close up and possibly learn something new!
For a toy this is quite a interesting and easy to use microscope! It's perfect for small kids to use and get some education with the learning of all nature and it's micro size parts that make it up, such as leaves and bugs. It's also very easy to handle, not difficult or heavy in any way!
I love the design, the durable material and the clear lens inside. It's easy to view the item on the tray and of course, everything will be included in the set, just you supply the object to magnify. Imagine taking a look at plant leaves, bugs, coins and so much more! It's possible and this toy is more than just fun it's a great learning tool!
Excellent product by the company known as YOSWAN and they have much more fun toys and items for children and adults to enjoy!
Product Information:
  • The microscope made of ABS acrylic. The parts are robust and not easy to break
  • It'll give little kids a beginners perspective and experience of using a microscope without the need to invest in a far more expensive one until we know if it's going to be something he's really interested in, whilst being relatively inexpensive, reasonably durable and a decent size for little fingers
  • The microscope has a LED light to fill in, and intergration of objectives 3,nosepiece multiples of 100x,400x and 1200x
  • A Science toy kit included 1 microscope ,2 collection bottle,1 plastic container,4 glass plates,1 Permanent slide and 1 tweezers
  • Package size:19*8.8*23.5cm, Battery: 2xAA batteries.(Not included) Not for children under 3 years

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