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Vanker Handheld Cool Mist Inhaler

Many of times, you can have times that you struggle to breathe in the house. Possibly during summer or winter because of the dry air and maybe for any other reasons, it can be uncomfortable. That is why this Inhaler by Vanker comes in handy! It's a Vanker Handheld Cool Mist Inhaler that shoots out a stream of cool air from a small portable device. The product actually feels like a refreshing feeling to the face and helps open up the nose's airways and allows you to refresh and breath with ease!
Of course, the product isn't difficult to use! There is one page of instructions that explain each piece and how to set it up. You pretty much fill the nebulizer with water or if you have medicine you can also include this, which essential oils can work perfectly int this as well. Now just let the power of the device do it's magic, once turned on. Also, there are a few additional attachments, which allows you to focus the stream of mist to one direction. NOw for the time to have it sending cool mist to the face is petty quick, almost instant. It's small enough that the device is able to give you a fast diffuse of water easily, verse a large device. Plus, it's portable and easy to take anyplace!
You can even use this just to refresh yourself, with cooling mist during thos summer hot months and when you just want to feel awakend! Finally, if you want to breath easier, maybe have asthma, bronchitis, emphysema or other lunch problems than here is something that will come in handy and can be used almost anywhere. It's light weight, small and super portable for traveling! This really delivers and gives the best quality steam and feel better results instantly! 
Product Information:
  • This inhaler has been designed to offer a compact, lightweight unit for receiving inhalation treatments
  • Treatment for asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and other lung illness.
  • Quiet treatment;Cool mist(Not hot steam); Two airflow control
  • Easy to use, and produce mist in seconds. The key point is to make sure the Atomizing Cup can touch the water in the chamber.
  • If the medicine liquid has a high concentration or small quantity, it needed to be diluted with normal saline before operate. Otherwise, it'll be hard for the inhaler to produce mist or produce more mist.
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