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Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids by Justin Miles

Ever wonder how to read a map or what type of symbols or objects may represent certain things when looking at a map? Well the author, Justin Miles wrote a perfect book filled with illustrations and information to help kids understand mapping. This book is called Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids. This is really a nifty guide, very helpful and so easy for young and older children to understand! Plus, it's not all about maps you use for travel, but ones you can create for the house, your desk, and even just areas like a part and the location of items inside the park. 
Another bonus of this book is that it also goes into details on how to make some cool gadgets to help you find and locate certain places while traveling. For example, the compass, how to make your own. It's pretty neat and interesting, truely! What this book is to me is a great guide for those who never understood mapping, and not just childen but adults too.
Normally, kid books are easier for beginners too! So, if you are not farmillar with mapping this book will help you understand it so much better and become an expert! I like to think that is exactly what this book will help me become! Since, now I can draw up my own maps and help others locate or figure out where things belong in my home, on the road or anyplace! So there is no reason to fear maps or mapping! This book is made for anyone to understand. I myself love the photos and helpful information on everything you'll need to know about reading the symbols on a map or possibly a gps. 

Finally, child or adult this is an excellent book that really makes mapping super simple and easy to do! Now I'm ready to take out some paper and pens and get drawing up maps for my friends! It's actually a fun project and perfect for school practice! 
Information About The Author:
Justin Miles is a professional adventurer based in England. He has honed his mapping and navigation skills in some of the more extreme areas of the world, including the Arctic, mountains, deserts and jungles. Justin uses his experiences to support charities and inspire children to learn through innovative education programs.

Book Information:
  • Publisher: Firefly Books
  • Author Statement: Justin Miles
  • Audience: Juvenile
  • Age range lower: 10
  • Age range upper: 13
  • Specs: full color illustrations throughout, glossary, index, useful links
  • Pages: 96
  • Trim Size: 5" X 8" X 5/16"
  • Language code 1: eng
  • Publication Date: 20160802
  • Copyright Year: 2016
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Fireflybooks- Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids by Justin Miles

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