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Rocks, Minerals, and Gems by John Farndon

Have you ever wonder about certain rocks or maybe curious about that gemstone you have at home? Well, this book is a great resource guide to all things rocks, minerals, and gems! The book, Rocks Minerals, and Gems was written by John Farndon, and it will not only help you identify the stone or rock that you might be curious about but even tell you it's location to finding it. There is so many bright and vibrant photos inside and visuals of the rocks up close.
For a child, it can be perfect for young ones to use! However, adults can have fun learning from this book as well. It's so easy to follow along and explains everything you must know about stones that you find or wonder about. Just think of it as your resource for information. It's basic and packed with how to figure out what a rock may be or some features that you would find interesting with that specific rock or stone. Also, you will learn about fossils found in rocks, the designs of the rock and interesting information found in circles on the pages stating with Did You Know.
Finally, this is one of the best books for kids and even adults to use! So much bright photos, with close up stone images. I love to point out that the front cover is excellent! The bright stones and colors, just pull you right in. Also, once you begin reading and looking at the gorgeous photos inside this book you won't want to stop and might just go rock hunting!
Information About The Author:
John Farndon is the author of hundreds of books, including Stuff You Need to Know! and the award-winning Do Not Open! Many of his books focus on popular science, nature, and environmental issues. His Practical Encyclopedia of Rocks and Minerals is widely used as a reference work by geologists.

Book Information:
  • Publisher: Firefly Books
  • Author Statement: John Farndon
  • EAN: 9781770857407
  • ISBN: 1770857400
  • Audience: Juvenile
  • Age range lower: 11
  • Age range upper: 15
  • Specs: full color throughout, glossary, index
  • Pages: 120
  • Trim Size: 6 3/4" X 9 1/2" X 1/2"
  • Language code 1: eng
  • Publication Date: 20160906
  • Copyright Year: 2016
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