Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lanshowed Colorful Ring Toss

The Lanshowed Colorful Ring Toss Quoits Target Game Plastic Toy for Kids is such a wonderful toy for children to play with and even adults! Having a party or get together, well this will give the kids something fun to do while you socialize. The bright colors are so attractive and really make this fun to play with! Plus, with the little bit of challenge to get the hoops over this target will make anyone want to play. You can play it as one person or with a whole group. It's affordable, long lasting and not dangerous made of plastic, and so easy to play!
This also will travel easily  since you can take apart each piece and put it together anyplace. Also, you can make this much more of a challenge by placing it further each round and the children playing or grownups can enjoy trying to get them all over the pole! Finally, ror something fun and affordable, this is a game that would put a smile on anyone's face especially if it's played with others!
Product Information:
  • Material: Plastic, tested to be safe. Color random
  • Includes 8 pcs throwing rings, 8 pcs stacking cups,a base, a top ball
  • Disassembles easily
  • Develops motor skills and hand to eye coordination
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor interactive game
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