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JZK Best Misting Fan - Mini Handheld Fan

The JZK Best Misting Fan is wonderful on hot days and those times you just need to cool off! It has a nice hook design, which allows it to hang up and take no space at all, while in use or not. The fan itself is super quiet and has a nice speed to it, giving you a cool down quickly. The colors you can choose from are purple, which I have and black or red. Each works perfectly the same and designed the same, just a different color around the fan's vent and the outer sides.
Water is inserted on top and dispenses while the fan is in action
What I really love about this fan is that it's easy to use, rechargeable, and I can take it anyplace like outdoors or on vacation with me! Unlike a battery powered device, this I can recharge so many times and it lasts long. I don't need to buy or store batteries in my house or take with me when I want to fuel my fan back up. It's simple to care for this and easy to clean. I love the quiet and refreshing stream of cool air I get.
Accessories and Manual
USB charging port, on/off and speed selection button on the side.
Finally, if you are interested in a quiet and compact size cooling fan, this is one you need to check out! It's portable, small and durable. Perfect for summer, spring or anytime it gets too hot and you need to cool off!
Powered on a blue lights appear and will light up in order from bottom
to top for each preferred speed.
Product Information:
  • REFRESHES: Good stream of water mist refreshes your face & skin to ensure your comfort on a warm day
  • ADAPTABLE: Versatile plug-in choices with USB Cable & Adapter will provide you flexible recharging options
  • BLOWOUT SALE: More affordable than other misting fans
  • GUARANTEE: If anything goes wrong with your misting fan, a free one will be instantly sent to you.
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