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HIPPIH Outdoor Flashlight Torch Multi-Function

The HIPPIH Outdoor Handheld Flashlight Torch Multi-Function Tool is perfect for so many things! It's like one item, plus many others in a nice flashlight shape design. You have a bright torch style LED flashlight, which will help guide you and help you through the night. However, that isn't all, the bottom has a few other tools to help you as well!
Torch LED Style Flashlight 
There is a set of tools for emergencies, which is always good to have for the car or inside the home and items for fixing and hobbies you do outdoors like fishing, camping. or hiking. However, you use this product, it will be a perfect and helpful pal to have around! I love that you get a hammer, knife, scissors, bottle opener, and other wonderful tools on a flashlight. Plus, the entire product is very nicely designed, easy to handle and to access each tool. 
Multitools on the Bottom
Many items have similar items in one design, but I can tell you that the flashlight is super bright and isn't cheap or made to give you 50% of the product to be useful and the rest to be made cheaply. It's an excellent product in total and so very helpful! User-friendly and a great item to have for inside the house, outdoors and on travel you make take on the road or through the woods!
Product Information:
  • HIGH BRIGHTNESS LED SEARCHLIGHT: Professional level,Powerful LED spotlight and height of the spotlight.
  • SUPER BRIGHT LIGHT: Provides the lighting distance up to 2600 feet (800 meters) and two different light mode,Detachable shoulder strap and convenient carrying handle.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Constructed with a window breaker HAMMER, which quickly deploys at the flip of a switch, and a recessed BLADE to cut through a seat belt in case of an emergency.
  • EXCELLENT WATERPROOF: Suitable for an outdoor environment.Perfect searchlight for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, hunting, cycling and so on.
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