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DMiotech Digital Laser Distance Measure Rangefinder Meter

The DMiotech Digital Laser Meter is quite a nifty product that gives you 40 meters of red laser light. The meter itself is very durable and designed to be used all over, outside and inside. It fits perfectly in the hand, just like a remote control in length and width. This would be perfect for small areas that need measuring, like rooms in a house or even outside. It's only the 40M, but you can get this product all the way from 40M, 60M, 80M to 100M Laser and in either the red as I have or yellow. Each works perfectly the same, with a similar design just a different color and the meter it can read up too will differ by the meter size.
However, anyone is perfectly easy to read on the screen as it is with the strong laser light that comes from the top. The screen is large with numbers that are super easy to read. The meter is also built with an LCD style screen and backlight, which keeps it from being hard to read in dark or light. So no matter where you're using this device, it's easy to read.  Plus, with the additional carry case you can keep it protected and take it anywhere!
I find this as the perfect DIY gadget for those who work with wood pallets or do many different furniture repairs and fixings! This can help level out those picture frames inside the home, organize chairs in the right space apart for a wedding or any special occasion, and so much more! There is so much this can do and it's definitely a professional tool and a perfect way to get an even measurement anyplace you'd like! 
Product Information:
  • Easy addition/subtraction of measurement. Set up front/rear benchmark. Switchable among meter (m), inch (in), feet (ft.)
  • High accuracy and wide measuring range up to 40m. Min/Max distance tracking (display value)
  • Quick measurement of distance, area and volume with one button operation. Indirect measurement by Pythagorean theorem
  • Automatic calculation of area and volume. Auto correction and error report technology. Large LCD with backlight
  • Widely used in construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.

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