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Cozypony 2-pack Car Wash Glove

The Cozypony Double Sided Wash Gloves is a microfiber glove that collects all the dirt on the car. It's also great inside the house, but if you buy these to clean the car you'll be able to get all the little tight corners and edges of the vehicle. It can clean the exterior and interior of the vehicle, removing dirt and dust from the car's windows, dashboard, Tires, steering wheel, and pretty much the entire car.
What is neat about this brand is that you get two, for each hand or to keep one dry, while th other is wet to wash and soap up the vehicle. The strands that do stick out, help get those hard to reach spots and with the hand being placed inside you have more control to get a deeper clean, with the strength of your hand being able to press more on those area's where the grime and dirt might be stuck on. These mitts are reusable and can be washed in a washer or by hand. So you'll always have a perfect way to wash the car, without the need of a sponge. 

Finally, the Cozypony Double Sided Wash Gloves are a perfect fit for any car or vehicle. They give you more control and provide an easier way to clean and get all those tight areas by the design of the
Product Information:
  • MATERIAL: Chenille microfiber material, Scratch-free, Lint-free and Swirl-free, perfect to protect the polish surface. Delivers premium wash.
  • INCREASED ABSORBENCY: Holds a lot of suds and water, which allows you to wash away the dirt without needing to apply a lot of pressure, swirl-free.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER: These car wash mitts can also be used as a duster for home, electronics and appliance used.
  • HAND PROTECTION: Combined dusting, washing, drying and polishing into one wash mitt, inside with waterproof sponge layer well protect your hand
  • GUARANTEE: Machine washable for easy care, 90 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Our Friendly Service - 24 hours email customer service response
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