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Body Cards by Courtney Putnam

Ever wonder about the body, what you could or maybe need to do to feel better and improve yourself naturally. Maybe, like myself, I always feel a bit depressed on things that occured and are still on my mind, which allows me to never get to the point of wanting to be happy and do things, such as create art, sew, or just anything. Honestly, I love to be creative since it's just something I love to do! However, It's hard when you don't feel inspired or up to doing anything. So, I was intrigued by the book and card set of Body Cards by Courtney Putnam. It's the fix that helps you take a look inside to helpfully improve the chakra of the body. Also, with the similarity of tarot when reading the cards!

As I always remember, if one is failing of the chakra, which there are 7, then the balance isn't completely equal and it may lead to problems. Therefore, with the 35 cards you get and the book to help you read and figure your problems out will specify each body part that needs attention. Also to point out that each of these cards have such gorgeous illustrated art and the specific part of the body it's representing. When you use the book with the cards, you get the full story on how to fix and learn what each part does.
Many of times, our body does need more attention in certain areas than others. So, again this guide and card kit will help bring life back to whichever area that may be failing to do it's part for whatever reason. For example, there is one on the Pancreas. Now you'll see a beautiful photo representing this body part, below and on the pages around will explain the location, the function, an interesting fact, the chakra that associates with this part, the purpose of the part/organ, and the final piece of information is what you can do to heal or repair it and keep it running as it should. 
The main fixes are the use of color, which works with the chakra of that section of the body and essential oils.  So you can easily count on the helpful guidance from the book when you need to turn to a natural approach to fixing one's inner being. Also as simple as using  essential oils or colors to improve and help. By colors, it could be easy as wearing clothing and for oils, you could diffuse or bath, as the book guides you to certain helpful ideas. Plus, the last piece below those helpful colors and essential oils is a bonus of activities you can do to open up your body and feel more creative or awaken from what is holding you down.
Finally, this book is basically a set that keeps you feeling creative, inspired, relaxed and ready to tackle anything by keeping the body in order! Something that really helps when you don't know what to do to help you get out of a low or unexplained tiredness, emotional rollercoaster, or physical problems. It truly is a natural way to recover and repair the body inside out!
Information About The Author:
Courtney Putnam is a Seattle-based healer, artist, writer, and teacher who infuses body wisdom into the creative process. Once a massage therapist and Reiki healer, Courtney is now a college writing instructor who infuses body wisdom into her classroom.She holds an MFA in Poetry from AntiochUniversity Los Angeles.

Book Information:

  • Paperback: 96 pages
  • Publisher: Schiffer; 1 edition (August 28, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0764350617
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764350610
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 9 inches
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Schiffer books- Body Cards: Insight from the Body, Wisdom for the Soul by Courtney Putnam

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