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Baile External Hard Disk Drive Enclosure Box

The Baile External Hard Disk Drive Enclosure Box is perfect for external hard disk drives! It's a nice size fit for 2.5 inch hard drives and is an easy USB to plug into the computer's port. You don't have to load up or do anything special to get to use this box. Instead, it's just insert the hard drive into the box or case and next plug in both ends of the USB cord(included) now you're ready to go! The blue light will turn on, showing that it's powered on and connected. 
As a bonus, this product comes with a nice carry bag and has a fast transfer and reading speed, due to the USB at a 3 output speed! The Baile External Hard Disk Drive will work with any SATA hard disk larger capacity of or over 500GB. Plus it works great with Older and newer computers, which you'll read in the product information.
Finally, there really isn't anything difficult with this, it's easy for anyone to use. It works on many different computers, new or old versions. Plus, the LED light helps you know it's working. The design makes it sit perfectly flat on the desk and it's high-grade aluminum alloy case is super strong and durable with anti-static treatment. Perfect for those looking for a simple and easy to use hard disk drive enclosure!
Product Information:
  • Suitable HDD: For 2.5"IDE HDD;plug-and-play design;support hot plugging you can plug or draw the hard disk in the working status
  • Dock with any SATA hard disk with larger than 500GB of capacity
  • Offer a stable power supply and a USB 3.0 output at super high speed
  • LED indicator tells you the current working status
  • High-grade aluminum alloy casing with anti-static surface treatment, support Windows Vista / 2000 / ME / XP / 7, Mac 8.6, and more
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