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A-iEasy Multi-Angle Thin Stand

Here is an affordable and strong stand that A--iEasy has created known as the A-iEasy Multi-Angle Thin Stand, which has a perfect angle for all types of phones and tablets. This type of stand is super thin and can be bent so many times without snapping. The material makes it super durable and flexible while keeping it light weight and very portable!
Bends into place
Adhesive backing for phone or tablet
I love that it comes in many different colors, so anyone can find one to fit their device. Plus, for something this thin, it's easy to travel and put into a pocket or bag without it taking up too much space or being too bulky! The angels can be adjusted for any way you'd like to view your device. Sometimes many need it at a higher angle or lower and with this stand by A--iEasy you get just that! Plus, just think about all the videos, TV shows, games and other entertainment you do with the phone or tablet. Well, now it's easier to view with this stand and keeps it angled without holding it up yourself
or watching it on the flat surface.
Snaps into place, as much of an angle as you like
Finally, it's a perfect accessory for anyone with a phone, tablet or e-reader! I can see this being a perfect gift for that tech-savvy person or an additional item for that new phone you would love to watch videos or play games on!
No matter, this is a nice quality product and  very useful!
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Product Information:
  • Simple But Sturdy: A-iEasy holder is engineered to be in 3-Linkage design with PP material to provide a perfectly simple but sturdy performance.
  • Portrait and Landscape Mode: It can be used in a portrait and adjustable angle in the landscape mode which always provide the best viewing experiences for lighting,message, emails and video callings.
  • Highly Flexibility and Durable: Non-toxic PP material, certified 1,000,000 times repeatability bending test.
  • Adjustable Stand Angle: 7 Viewing positions, adjustable range, universal type.
  • Universal Compatible: fit for all smartphone and tablet in the market, such as iphone6/6S/Samsung edge S7/Sony/HTC/iPad etc.

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