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Uptrend New Y6 Smart Bluetooth Watch

The Uptrend Ney Y6 Smart Bluetooth Watch is an excellent smart watch! Able to take photos, view messages from Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites. You can even use the Uptrend Smart Watch to monitor sleep and physical activities and so much more! Now, those are just a few things that this watch can do. It really is almost like having a smartphone in the shape of a watch, portable and easily straps around the wrist. 
You won't find any discomfort, this is super comfortable and doesn't weigh the wrist down. The ability to voice record and listen to music as a speaker is another wonderful part of this watch! The sound of the speaker is very clear when listening to music or incoming calls. You can find so much entertainment with this watch and never need to carry it along, as it's always going to be attached to you. The screen is a sensitive touchscreen, meaning no need to press hard or struggle to get to choose an app on the watch.
It also is able to connect through Bluetooth with either an iOS or Android type phones. Also, on the side is all the ports and buttons needed to turn on or off the device as well as use the camera. It's simple and very sleek in design and color. Plus, the screen is also very clear to view what is going on and not be confused when selecting any of the options available. so no problems finding what you need or need to see on the watches touch screen. The square design is very nice and makes it easy to see everything and allow more visual on the screen then around design, in my opinion. However, this is just an excellent watch and smartphone in one! You get the benefits of both and all in a small design. Terrific product and so fun for the price of less than $40.
Finally, for a smart watch, it's very easy to use, has a small area for inserting an SD card and can be used for more than just an alarm clock or calendar. It's the little entertainment on the go!
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Product Information:
  • Smart watch with SIM card slot and Quadband GSM network for worldwide use.
  • Built in Camera With 120M+64M Memory For Video and Voice Recording.
  • Support GPRS internet browser, QQ ,we chat, FM Radio, Calendar, Alarm Clock, Voice Recording, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Remote Camera, Sedentary Reminder, MP3, MP4, Recording, Anti-Loss Key Finder.
  • HD full capacitive touch screen.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 sync compatible Android (Call, Phonebook, SMS, We chat , Twitter, Facebook and more.
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