Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Telico C35 Dash Cam

The Telico C35 2.7" Dash Cam is a perfect accessory to travel along with! It will record all of your travels while you drive. However, the benefit of the G-Sensor is included in this camera, will not waste space on your SD card. Instead, it only keeps accidents that occur on the road trip. So now you'll have proof and an idea what occurred during the time of the incident.
Front Camera
The design of this Dash Cam is a long wide digital camera. It has a 170-degree wide angle lens, capturing a great amount of the road and provides HD quality recordings.
The camera also includes motion detection and can be used to monitor parking. It's like an extra eye keeping records of everything that may come in contact with your car. Plus, with the addition of night vision, you can record all night long as well as day!
Back monitor
Now the suction is very large and strong, So it shouldn't slip off easily once placed on the dashboard. Also, you can rotate the camera on the suction tripod to help you adjust where you'd like the camera to be focused at. Finally, this does an excellent job for those who travel a lot and want more protection for their vehicle. It's a great idea to keep an extra eye on the road, who can witness anything that you need to prove. The quality of images and sound come out great and this won't cause you to spend so much for such a wonderful way to protect your vehicle.
Product Information:
  • High-quality Lens: 1920x1080 full HD resolution. H.264 video compression
  • 2.7" Large screen, 170 degrees A+ grade high-resolution wide angle lens. Transparency and shooting are much better than cheap plastic lens
  • G-sensor offers files lock/protecting against vehicle collision accidents
  • Motion Detection and Parking Monitor can be considered as a perfect police eyes, recording everything that can happen around your car when you leave
  • Automatic on/off function with ignition. Help you to catch the beauty when you are on traveling.
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