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Puredown White Down Pillow 100% Cotton Fabric

These pillows by Puredown are my favorite! I've actually had bought a few times from this company and each time I aways felt the quality was worth the price. These 100% cotton Puredown White Down Pillows are king size but do come in standard queen. Each pillow has that perfect medium of comfort, not too hard or too soft. They really do last long and make sleeping easier, without  stiff neck or uncomfortable support.

That is one of thing's I really don't enjoy, not being able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. It can make the next day feel like forever or just feel extremely fast as your body and brain are working slower. Therefore, with the comfort I get from Puredown, I feel I sleep a lot better, wake up well rested with not a kink in my neck. It's even the perfect napping pillow, wherever I want to fall asleep at. 
So if you do decide to purchase these pillows you will get two in each package purchased, which is perfect to add to each side of the bed or double up on your side of the bed. Plus, these are nicely sewn, no holes or any strange gaps that will cause the filling to come out and super easy to clean with the use of a washer and dryer. Finally, for a comfortable and restful sleep, at night or during the day these are terrific!

Product Information:
  • 100% cotton
  • Price includes 2 pillows.
  • 230 thread count 100% cotton fabric.
  • King size 20-by-36-inch,each filled with 32 oz.
  • The down pillow is filled with 75% white down,600 fill power.
  • Machine wash and dry.
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