Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mudder Magnetic Kitchen Timer

The Mudder Magnetic Kitchen Timer is a perfect accessory for the kitchen! It's perfect to use as a clock, a normal timer with stand and it's magnetic for a perfect fridge attachment. Plus, these can be useful all over the house. For instance, my mom and I dying our hair, we normally use these to keep time when to wash the dye out.
However, in the kitchen, they can help you know when to turn the oven off or when something is ready to be taken out of the oven or maybe the grill, stove top and more!

Large numbers make it easy to see.

Magnet on back, great to place on the refridgerator.
Open the clip and it turns into a stand

Directions very easy to read and understand.
So these two can work in many ways, having them when you need to know the time left and when something is ready. The sound is loud enough to hear when times up and the buttons make it simple to set. Plus, the large LCD screen much it easy to see in all types of rooms, dark or lighted. Finally, these are a perfect accessory to own for the kitchen and many other places in the house. Excellent design and so simple to use.
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Product Information:
  • Large digits in 2.5 x 1.2 inches LCD screen for easy reading
  • Works as a clock or a kitchen timer and clock could keep counting time when switched to be a timer
  • Counting up and down for 24 hours for fast adjustment of setting time
  • Intimate design: Magnets, hook, and movable bracket back
  • Loud alarm could last 60 seconds so that you won't miss it
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