Saturday, July 30, 2016

Matecam Mini DVR

The Matecam is a perfect spy camera or action camera to have on the go! It's able to capture images and recordings just like an action camera or those found on drones and RC vehicles. The camera is so small that no one could even notice it, plus with the black color, it blends into a black outfit easily!
The entire design reminds me of a remote control or control to unlock the car. It is very easy to handle, fits in the hands simply. You have a few buttons located on top to power on or off the device, snap the photo or start the recording, reset buttons and there is even a small LED light indicating that it's in use as well as a place to stick an SD micro card for recording and sharing and reviewing for later.

I think even if you wanted to install this into or on an RC vehicle you could and have some real-life movies capture with the hidden lens. Also, it doesn't just have to be for spying or recording action shots, but instead may be used to record while driving like a dash camera, regular camcorder, webcam and so much more! It's such a versatile recording camera by Matecam and has a great quality recording.
Finally, you have everything you need to work this camera. Everything from the wires to plug in and watch what you've just recorded and even to charge the device. However, you may need to get is the memory card, but if you want there is an option to get a Matecam with a 16GB or 32GB camera as well!

By the way, Matecam is a company full of wonderful products and at great prices! They can be found on Amazon or Ebay, selling all over to many. Below you'll find the links to all their shop's locations and the product I reviewed here today.

Product Information:
  • Big in the RC market. Use as a sports camera, attach to drone, or RC Airplane.
  • Pocket Spy Camera Recorder: This Matecam mini hidden camera is world's smallest wifi camera,and fit for all kinds of portable tools,You can record both photos and video without anyone pay attention.
  • You can use it as a mini DVR, a camera, a webcam, an FPV Models,a removable USB drive,a dashcam,CCTV ,etc.
  • Lens: F/ON=2.0 70°& wide 120°Video Format: 1920*1080P AVI
  • Size:1.26*2.05*0.59inch .Weight:0.04lbs
If you're interested in learning more about this product or the other wonderful items the Matecam company has to offer, please follow the links below:
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