Tuesday, July 12, 2016

LOFTEK 50W RGB Timer LED Security Floodlight

The LOFTEK 50W LED Security Floodlight can really come in handy during those days with horrible weather, any power outage or pretty much when you need a large bright light! The design is of a normal large square style light, not extremely bulky and is created of strong and durable Alloy. The glass is also strong and tempered. It's one of the well-tested items you can buy! With the many types of testing these lights go through, you know it's made to stand up against all different situations from falling, temperature and even vibrations. 
Now what you will enjoy is that there are more than just one color light. You get a total of 16 different color tones and 4 flash modes which are flash, strobe, fade and smooth. The light in each color is bright and will illuminate the area you are located at,
giving you a better visual of what you need to see or help get the attention of someone to help. 
The LOFTEK Floodlight also includes a timer with 4 different settings you can program on the device, to turn off after a certain amount of time. The bonus addition is that you don't need to do any of the setting or changing of the lights by the product itself. Instead, you can control the Floodlight with the added remote control. It has all the buttons you need to decide what settings you want this light to perform.
Finally, this is a large and strong Floodlight! It is made to last long, help you when you need it and give you enough light to help you out! For emergencies or any other reason, this is a perfect home or business product to own! You never know when something might happen and you would need a bright light to help illuminate the darkness!

Product Information:
  • [NOVA Timer Setting Available]: 3h/6h/9h/12h four-timer setting programmings in total. All timer modes can be controlled by the provided remote controller. So we can save money without purchasing an extra timer. Light flash twice and countdown begin.
  • MULTI-COLOR & DIMMABLE: Total 16 color tones and 4 flash modes (Flash / Strobe / Fade / Smooth) provide colorful and bright illumination across a wide area. We can use it outside at a stage,garden during party time or inside as a security lighting,etc.
  • MEMORY FUNCTION: More intelligent and convenient , it will remain the previous color on your setting when you turn it on again. And we can reset it to factory setting by the remote controller.
  • Advanced Materials and Durable Construction: Aluminium Die-Cast Alloy shell and Tempered Glass. Impact tested & Vibration tested and Extreme Temperature tested before packing.
  • IP66 waterproof design: Perfect Sealing design with high-quality material. Work well as outdoor and indoor bright applications/decoration: Especially suitable for garden, grassland, towering trees and building etc.
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