Friday, July 29, 2016

Lanxim Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Argan Oil Flat Iron

The Lanxim Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Argan Oil Flat Iron is a pretty sleek design with a faster heating up technology. It only takes 15seconds to heat up! No more waiting for the temperature to rise since it's quick and easy. Plus, the plates you get with this design are floating and that allows for so many fun new styles you can create curls, waves, or just plain straight. However, you do your hair this is slim enough to give you any stylish look you like!
What I really love is that there is a 360-degree swivel cord and it's 10 ft. long. You can move around without being stuck in one place and even if the outlet is far from the mirror, well this will help you reach it from a distance. Plus, the protective feature that turns off the device after 60minutes. So if you rush out the house and accidentally didn't pull out the cord and turn the device off, well this will automatically shut down and save you the fear of the house burning down or if you don't have any idea you left it on, well this will keep you from any disaster that could happen.
I feel this perfect for all hair types, with so many different heat settings to get through all types of hair. You are able to choose from 11 different temperatures and with an easy to read digital display on top. Of course, the thicker and course hair would be best with higher temperatures and the lower for thinner types. However, if you wanted to use it on one person with thicker hair or one with wavy thin hair, well this can do it! Since you have control of the temperature. 
Finally, this is a very nice designed hair tool! It's sleek in color and very easy to use. I love the cord, swivel and the length of it as well! Plus, for the slim plates, it can easily allow for so many stylish designs and with quick heating up it's the fastest way to get my hair ready to go in the morning before leaving the house!
Product Information:
  • INNACT TM Technology: Inner Nano-silver, Non-stick technology, Argan oil and Ceramic Tourmaline floating plates, straighten, flip and curl your hair. Creates shiny, smooth finish. Protect hair smoother and shinier every time
  • C-Sensor TM Technology: Advanced ceramic heating sensor technology for fast heat up, 15 second ready to use & even heat distribution. 11 temperature control buttons with Digital temperature display heat up from 265 ℉ -450 ℉ fits for all hair types
  • LCD digital display, 60 minutes auto shut-off feature to guarantee home safety and the longevity of your tool, never have to worry about rushing out.
  • 360 degree salon model swivel cord (10 ft.)
  • Soft touch, smooth tactility experience when holding in hand
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