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Homemade by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson

The book, Homemade by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson is packed with creative DIY ideas you can make at home. This isn't just based on a few types of crafts, like crocheting or building, but instead it has many different decorative and creative ideas you can make with the entire family. I always loved homemade items as they are the best to give and can be a great way to have something personalized or reflect on something you've made and get to use, one of a kind!
The book covers so many fun ideas such as beautiful accessories for the house, to wear, light up the night in style, serve favorite foods into and so much more! It's covering many different places inside and outside the home. So maybe you want to create something delicious, maybe something for fixing up the home to look different and creative or even sew up a few pieces for the outdoors and personalizing your own style. Well, that is what this book really will help you with and think of it as fun ideas to give to another! who doesn't like same delicious homemade baked goods or treats or even some fun creative decoration, I know I do!
I really love that there are so many to choose from, 101 craft projects inside. Each illustrated with realistic photos and helpful step by step tips to get you started and all the way till the final product. Finally, I really loved each inside, and basically been trying to do some of the yarn projects and maybe go right into cooking up some lovely treats! Excellent book!
Information About The Authors:
Ros Badger previously owned a children's knitwear company, Little Badger. He continues to offer style advice on his Web site, rosbadger.blogspot.com, and resides in Dulwich, England. 

Elspeth Thompson is the writer for a weekly column on gardening. She also regularly writes for the "Sunday Telegraph" and the "Guardian." She is the author of several gardening books and Tricia Guild's titles. She lives in London, England.

Book Information:
  • Title Homemade 
  • Subtitle 101 Beautiful and Useful Craft Projects You Can Make at Home 
  • Author Ros Badger, Elspeth Thompson 
  • Publisher Skyhorse Publishing 
  • Imprint Skyhorse Publishing 
  • Published 7 July 2015 
  • Format Paperback 
  • ISBN-139781632204547 
  • Pages 256 
  • Dimensions 9.75 x 7.50in.
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Skyhorse Publishing- Homemade by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson

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