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Aedon K21 Multifunction Car Jump Starter

The Aedon K21 8000mAh Multifunction Car Jump Starter is something every car should own! it's got all you need for recharging your  phone and tablet, while still being
able to do the most important charge the car! It's strong enough to give you a start when the car just won't budge anymore. 
I always had that occur and at locations nearby, thank heavens. So it was easy to call a family member and get a jump start, but I rather have a way to start it up when I'm not nearby or instead of bringing a huge jump starting device with me.
That is where this Aedon Car Jump Starter comes into play. It allows me to charge my car and even the devices I bring with me! The 8000mh is very powerful and perfect to have charge phones in case a call to 911 or anyone might also be needed, which is always good if the power of your phone is dead and there is no way to get a call out. So for a versatile device, it can be perfect for many different emergencies and the size allows it to fit in the car without the problem of it taking up so much space.
You basically can fit this device into a glove compartment or back of the car, under the seats or in a side compartment of the car. It's very light and doesn't cause any issue with a device that is charged to be over charged or destroyed from being plugged in.
I find it to be the perfect option for a car starter and device charger. All the cords are included and it's so simple to understand how to use.
Bright flashlight, with three different modes
Product Information:
  • Battery real capacity is 8000mAh
  • Car Jump Starter: Jump start your vehicle with 300 amps of peak current and heavy duty clamps and cables
  • Portable Dual USB Charger: Charge your phones, tablets, kindles and othe mobile devices at speeds of up to 2amps per port overall
  • Safety Protection: the intelligent clamps have over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection
  • What You Get: Jump Starter K21, Intelligent Jump cables, User Manual
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