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The Designer's Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts by Sally Bigwood & Melissa Spore

The book, The Designer's Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures and Charts by Sally Bigwood and Melissa Spore is a terrific guide for beginners and those who want to understand how to create perfect graphs and charts for business or any other reason.
This book is very detailed by what you can do and how to set each certain chart up correctly. I love the different choices and helpful tips to make them stand out.
It reminds me of school, learning graphs and putting the information inside of each. However, this book explains it a bit more in my opinion and how to make them look even nicer in design. the information inside is stuff you'd learn about in math class. Some of these are things like rounding numbers, table construction, grids, multiple comparisons and much more! Plus with a little design course, it explains how to add color, page layout and some other nifty tips to make these types of graphs stand out!
I really found this book to be a joy to read and fill my head with many fun possibilities I can do for my graphing and charts. The many options inside allow me to think outside of the same old line graph and move to others. This is an excellent book and very useful for those interested in charts, numbers and figures
Information About The Authors:
Sally Bigwood is a founding partner at Plain Figures, a training and consultancy firm specializing in data presentation. She lives in England.

Melissa Spore is a self-employed instructional designer. She has worked in distance, community, and continuing professional education, and conducts research and writes about using technology to improve written and oral communication. She lives in Saskatoon, Canada.

Book Information:
Title: The Designer's Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts 
Author: Sally Bigwood, Melissa Spore 
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing 
Imprint: Allworth Press 
Published: 6 November 2013 
Format: Paperback 
Pages: 176 
Dimensions: 6.00 x 9.00in. 

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Allworth - The Designer's Guide to Presenting Numbers, Figures, and Charts by Sally Bigwood & Melissa Spore

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