Saturday, June 4, 2016

SIKOO 6 in 1 Multi-functional Emergency Car Safety Tool

The SIKOO 6 in 1 Multi-functional Emergency Car Safety Hammer is a perfect travel companion in any car! It's not only something that will provide you with an escape from a seatbelt if it ever gets stuck during an accident, but also escaping from the window, the ability to use the LED flashlight to view the car and area you're stranded at in the dark and even fix or repair something with the screwdriver attachment.

Starting at the top
Hammer, with a nice sharp angle for glass breaking


Bright Flashlight!

Seatbelt cutter
Now the functions of each are wonderful! The hammer is at the top, with a strong pointy style tip that allows for an easier break into the glass of the car. It's actually designed to look like a hammer and has a nice strong, thick handle to grip. The 
seatbelt cutter style design is on the opposite side and can be used to tear through the seatbelt material and get you out safely. Also, still focusing on the top is the LED flashlight, with 3 strong LED lights. It's got a super strong light that allows for any situation in the dark to be easy to view. You won't be lost or unsure what is happening under the car's hood, on the road, or anyplace you might need to have a light during the night. You can even use it to help attract the attention of someone for help if in case you have no way to contact or get someone else out to help you. For the last few additional features to the 6 in 1 by SIKOO, you have the 5 different screwdrivers, which is great for all types of screws not just the average Phillips or flat head type and the magnetic bar, which is wonderful if you lost anything metal that needs to be found on a floor or ground. Plus, the one other light that is included is right near the bottom to help you screw or find with the magnet bar anything you need in the dark.
Bottom has the screwdriver and the many different pieces
Near the bottom is also a bright light, great for working with the screwdriver at night or in hard
to see areas! Just push the button all the way to the bottom and have the batteries installed.
Magnetic bar is also on the bottom, which telescopes out.
For the quality of this product and the six wonderful functions, it's pretty much an excellent investment. Especially, for a tool that can save a life or provide some help during a difficult situation. Plus, the lightweight, small and easy to carry design makes it simple to tuck away in the glove compartment or anyplace nearby. Of course, it can also be used in many other ways, not just for emergencies. However, the main reason is to have something in the car to get you out safely and any others that may be trapped or in need of help too! Therefore, I think this is a such an excellent product, with 6 functions that can come in handy during any emergency. ☺
Product Information:
  • Emergency Rescue Hammer for emergency use. (break up glass of car, buses)
  • Cutter used for cutting off safety belt in emergency case.
  • Three Strong LED warning flashlight.
  • A Magnetic bar that can pick up mini screws.
  • Five Different kinds of screwdrivers.
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