Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Proster - 8GB Digital Voice Recorders

The 8GB Proster Digitla Voice Recorder is such a nice slim design. It's very easy to handle and charge through the USB port on my computer. The recorder even allows for music to be store and act as a music player. There are a full 90 hours of record time, that is like more than enough to get a few lectures recorded throughout the day before charging again. I love that there is 8GBs, which is more than enough for me.
The voice recorder works with older and newer Window computers, which is even nicer since I have an XP and a 8. The sound and quality of the recording are perfect, it avoids all the around sound and captures the voice
Finally, for a light weight, very well designed voice recorder this really works great! 

Product Information:
  • Proster Full Steel Rechargeable 8GB Digital Voice Recorder with Earphones: 360° All-round Record, Support HD Distant Denoising
  • Up to 90 Hours Recording Time: USB Direct Charging, and Convenient for Data Transfering
  • Supporting One-button Recording Function: Pushing the Button at Any Interface Can Turn to Recording Immediately; Recording File Saved Automatically When Power Off
  • Built-in High-quality Two-way Microphone: One for Professional Directional Microphone, the Other for Noise-canceling
  • OS: Windows 98 Second Edition / Millennium Edition / 2000 / XP / Windows 7 / 8 / 10
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The Proster Stainless Steel Proster 8GB Rechargeable Digital Voice Recorder has a very slim design and excellent recording quality. I love the nice LCD display, easy to view the options chosen and not many buttons to remember, which makes it simple to control. Also to point out the simple play and pause button right in front and that it takes only a USB port to charge it up and transfer files, no cord needed. It's the best lightweight and so easy to use! Holds up for 20 hours of recording before needing to be recharged.
Top has a headphone port for the earbuds(included)
Charging on the bottom with cord(included)
Of course, this has a second function allowing you to listen to music as if it was an MP3 player. Supporting so many different types of music and a few different formats. Plus, a Voice operated function and built-in speaker, where you need no additional attachments. So for a portable, nice quality sound and voice operated function with this Proster Digital Voice Recorder, it's really a nice buy!
Product Information:
  • 8GB Digital Voice Recorder: Built-in Speaker; Extremely Lightweight and Has a Clear LCD Display; Built-in Lithium Battery, Rechargeable, Energy Saving, Environmental Protecting
  • Portable: This Digital Voice Recorder Can be Taken Anywhere to Record Audio for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews,Conversations, Etc
  • Multifunction: A-B Repeat Function; MP3 Function; VOR Voice Operated Recording Function; USB Connection
  • Long Recording Time: About 20 Hours of Continuous Recording
  • Support MP3,WMA Format Playing,WAV Format Recording, NIC Recording; 7EQ Modes: NOP, ROCK, POP,CLASSIC, SOFT,JAZZ and DBB
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