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Pinty Quick Release Tactical Reflex Red Green Dot Sight Scope with Dual Rail Mounts

The Pinty Quick Release Tactical Reflex Scope Light is built to last and supports two different lights, red and green. You can easily mount it to the rails and not worry about it to be too bulky as it has a low profile mount and easily can be released when not needed. It's such a nice useful addition to a rifle or any tactical gun. 
Back and look through lens with adjustment knobs
The design makes it very easy to use and can be adjusted as needed! I don't really hunt myself, but I use to work with guns in the military. So I am very interested in different accessories that provide the right quality and benefits to get the job done right! So for this Pinty Laser, I'm very much interested in how well this gives me a direct, straight line of light right to the target I'm aiming for, while looking through the scope. Honestly, if you can't seem to aim very well and perhaps you are a beginner, then this is a great light that can help you get that perfect hit every time. Especially if this is featured with an adjustable light and has a nice scope to view through. 
Front lens side with adjustment knob
Many of the scopes on the market are great and very useful, only take a small battery and can be very beneficial while hunting. Plus, if you have a bad aim as I tend too, this is a must have then this can really come in handy and make learning as well as getting a perfect shot so much easier! I really do enjoy the light feature, allowing for a strong target laser red light to help me get a direct shot and the scope that is clear enough to give me a perfect idea where I'm aiming. So, yes this is so worth the purchase and isn't that expensive. Plus, the quality of the product, it is more likely going to last longer and be worth the purchase price after the many uses and perfect shots you get.
Bottom of the Pinty Scope
The exterior of the Pinty is extremely strong, durable, and comes with an easy removal of the mount from any average rifle. I think that this is such a wonderful product and even for a gift this can make for that perfect addition and accessory to please that special hunter!
Batteries Included
Also includes a microfiber lens cloth for keeping it clean.
I really found nothing wrong with the product I have here and can only say it's just wonderful for what it can do and that it does exactly what it needs too. The lights strong enough and can be changed from its brightness with the controls. So if you have a need to get a target in the distance, you can easily adjust the bright red or green light and get it to be viewed easier at a farther distance. It really is so simple to control and work with. The cover is also included for the lens, which protects the scope from damage and perfect for storing away with. Finally, if you want a great product that provides a strong light, built to last and is great for hunting then this Pinty Quick Release Tactical Sight Scope is an excellent choice!
Product Information:
  • This reflex sight has interchangeable high profile rail mount and low profile mounts that release quickly and allow you to use and store them easily.
  • Easy to use knobs allow for precise windage and elevation adjustments.
  • Red dual illuminated dot reticles with 12 settings of brightness control prepare you for any environment.
  • Use your scope in the field time and again thanks to a long lasting, durable all metal construction and a lightweight, dust-proof, weather proof, and shock proof design.
  • The scope fits all firearms with standard 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rails and comes with lens covers and storage box included.
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