Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pinty 10' Pop Up Trade Show Display Booth with Lighting & Case

The Pinty 10' Pop Up Trade Show Display Booth with Lights and Case is a wonderful item to have when it comes to selling and presenting items for others to see!
I've always wanted to own my own booth and be able to advertise my items. So this is something that really does the job!
I must say this has a really nice amount of bright light, with the adjustable and Halogen spotlights. The curved design allows the lights to be directed where It's need it and not too much all over. Also, they are a perfect length towards the entire set, not too low or too high. Plus, included is two extra spare bulbs, which saves you when you need to replace them at any time!
The black backdrop is strong, durable, and doesn't distract anyone that comes near or views the table.  Instead, you and the product is the only thing that stands out. Plus, what makes it easier is that everything can simply be put together and comes in a case. So traveling is simple and getting ready is even simpler! No need to waste time and set up or have to lift and carry a giant few bags to get to where you're going. I did have trouble opening this in the beginning, but after a few tries, I figured it out. Plus, it is heavy and that's why I'm using stock photos. I couldn't really capture the shot.
I don't see any problem or issue when I first attempted to try this product out! It actually is already in the case when it arrives and one large box. When ready to use, just pull it from the round case by unzippering the top. Then your ready to put each piece together. There pretty much is nothing not included, which is great! so setting up and having it all in one purchase is something you get with this product. Plus, the quality of the black backdrop and the lights are great. No dim or low light from any of the bulbs and there is two included for each side. So it's a perfect set up and exactly like you would see at a trade show or even just imagine going to get your picture taking, same look and style. So maybe this can even be used as a wonderful product or portrait taking set up as well! However, for a trade show display booth you have this large 10foot thick black drop and a nice setup for presenting in front of it.
Of course, it's always best to test the product by how easy it really is by trying to package it back into the case and taking it out. So after the first attempt I retired and yet still seems simple enough. Also to mention that the first time, to take a look at the instructions is key so you know exactly how each piece should be set up. Afterward, it's a piece of cake! Therefore, I plan on using this many times this year and years to come as it isn't something that will fall apart easily and for me, it's simple to setup and use!

Finally, I think the quality of this product is excellent and easy use of this product is what makes it even better! It's definitely a nice quality product for the price and if you're looking for long-lasting and something that will end up being used often, then investing in something made to last and provides you with what you need is always a good idea!

Product Information:
  • Easy set up in approximately 15 minutes.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum pop-up frame; Velcro black fabric panels create a seamless backdrop; Magnetic connecting bars for easy assemble and disassemble.
  • The curved design provides better stability and greater visual impact
  • Halogen spotlights (and 2 extra halogen bulbs for spare) attached to the frame for display lighting and high-end ambiance
  • Comes with a carrying case that has roller wheels and a handle. Easy to store.

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