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Organic Aromas Raindrop - Essential Oil Diffuser for Aromatherapy

I have a wonderful product by Organic Aromas, which is sure to make your home smell and feel so relaxing! The product is called the Raindrop and it's an Essential Oil Diffuser that not only allows you to add in any essential oil, but you need no water!
It really caught me by surprised to wonder how a diffuser works without any liquid to help it, but honestly, Organic Aromas really created something that does work and
provides so much more scent than a diluted mixture. Also, below I have some photos of the unboxing and exactly what the Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser looks like.

Inside the box
Base of the diffuser
Bottom rubber piece keeps it sturdy without tipping.

Power Supply and button to turn on and off
The entire product is light weight, comes in many different styles and designs, and so simple to use. The RainDrop has a very relaxing shape, that doesn't cause for distracting anyone's attention in a room. Instead, it blends very nicely and is so natural with the wooden base and glass reservoir with a candle wick on top. It could even be great in a professional office, no matter the job. 

The Raindrop like many of the wonderful Organic Aromas Diffusers don't use up much energy and has an auto shut-off after 120 minutes, which is very helpful if one has fallen asleep or left the house and never had  a chance to turn the diffuser off. Plus, being that there is no diluting the smell is stronger and fills the entire room quicker than ever! Also, there is an LED lighting that gives off a beautiful array of rainbow colors and adds to the relaxing effect, as it slowly changes
Honestly, I really couldn't say I've ever seen such a beautiful diffuser! Plus, with the product you get a nice bottle of essential oil, a custom mix that is so fragrant and just makes you feel relaxed and motivated to take on anything. Plus, I actually find it helpful when I'm doing some art or crafts to help wake me up and inspire my creative side. 
Finally, the Raindrop Diffuser really makes an entire room smell so relaxing, so beautiful and comforting for everyone to enjoy! I really love the wooden rain drop shape, it can even be a perfect gift to those you love!  Plus, for something that provides health in a way of relaxation, meditation and just allows you to breathe this is something I will treasure all year round!

Product Information:
  • PROFESSIONAL USE. The only diffuser used by certified aromatherapists, trained massage specialists and by skilled professionals in medicine and in industry, such as psychiatry, career/marriage/relationship counseling, as well as various commercial situations such as in hotels and other public and private locations.
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE. Quickly smell fantastic aromas throughout your whole local area (up to 800 sq ft) or limit the amount of scent emitted with precision volume control and a specially programmed auto-shut off Usage Cycle (operates for 2 mins On, 1 min Off, for 2-hours then shuts off).
  • BEAUTIFUL. Decorate and upgrade your home or office with a piece of artistic hand-craftsmanship while also getting maximum health benefits and effectiveness from diffusing undiluted, pure essential oil. The unit (model varies) measures approximately 8-10 inches (21-25 cm) tall and 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) wide.
  • HIGH QUALITY. Heavy duty, substantial and equipped with a powerful, but durable, energy efficient electric pump that is whisper quiet. Hand blown glass and 100% solid plantation hardwood base. Equipped with subtle and elegant rainbow-carousel LED mood lighting.
  • GUARANTEED. One year complete parts and service warranty should you have any issues with your diffuser. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ask that you contact us directly if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Additional Information: Works on the electrical voltage of any country in the world (110 - 220v) and includes the appropriate plug adaptor for your market.
If you're interested in learning more, please follow the link below:
Organic Aromas Main Site:
Rain Drop Diffuser: Organic Aromas- Nebulizinge Rain Drop Essential Oil Diffusers

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