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JoyiQi Bike Handlebar Mount

The JoyiQi Handlebar Mount Tripod Adapter is such a wonderful accessory when it comes to the GoPro Hero, which it can be used with many versions, 1-4. The design allows it to easily be gripped from the side, while the bottom adjusts to open and close onto the handle of the motorcycle. The features of this accessory will allow you a stable and better view while on the go. It has an easy to twist on and mount onto the tripod adapter, which allows you to have the ability to move the camera 360 degrees left or right.
Comfortable Side Grip
Adjustable knob on the bottom. You can loosen and tighten once on a bar of choice.
Therefore, you're able to adjust the camera to take photos or videos from all different angles. Plus, even though this is said to be for motorcycles, you can use this on regular bikes, skiing poles, shotguns, and pretty much anything with a bar to mount on too. Just think maybe your going biking this summer and want to capture every moment. Well with this mount, your camera can easily attach to any bike handle and be ready for recording. Finally, this is super durable, made to last, and such a nifty design to use.
As a tripod, the JoyiQi Mount is able to adjust and move 360 degrees around.
You can angle it any ways you'd like!
Product Information:
  • Captures point-of-view perspective from mountain bikes, motorcycles, skiing poles, bows, shotguns, jet-skis and many other action sports;
  • Comes with pivoting arms to allow for 360 degrees adjustability, allowing you to get the angle you want. And the clamp that will fit most handlebars and seat posts and two extensions of different lengths that are between 0.75" to 1.4";
  • Keeps your action sports camera stable and safely attached with this easy to install handlebar mount HERO4 HERO3+ HERO3 HERO2 HD HERO & SJ4000. Real easy to mount;
  • Adjustable mount to make it fit onto handlebar and tightening it with clamp screw;
  • Full 360-degree rotation making it easy to capture video in many different angles, tight grip to prevent damages and better hold onto the mount;
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